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WHO'S WHO and its subsidiaries, as content providers according to Section 8, Subsection 1, German Federal Act on the Utilization of Teleservices (Teleservices Act), are legally responsible for the "own content" that they make available for use. Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO) this website respects and protects privacy by design. Who's Who GmbH does not and cannot collect any private data via this website. By host provided LOG-files are evaluated statistically without any relation to personel data. We do not use any implemented software to collect and analyse private data. We do not use cookies.
For data about managers and companies, traditionally collected in our Who is Who Database meticulously and updated continuously, can be no guarantee of its completeness, accuracy and topicality. If you want WHO'S WHO  and its subsidiaries to correct or to delete any information about you or your company please contact our editorial office via "contact" . We are therefore not liable for damage or loss arising in connection with the use of such "content". Own content is to be distinguished from LINKS to the content made available by other providers. WHO'S WHO makes "third-party content" available for use by means of links marked as such (EXTERNAL LINK). By providing such links, WHO'S WHO enables access to the use of such content (Section 9, Teleservices Act). WHO'S WHO shall not be held responsible for such "third-party" contents since it has neither initiated the transmission, selected the addressees of the transmitted information, nor selected or modified the transmitted information. Due to the selected invocation and linking method involved, WHO'S WHO  shall not be responsible for automatic, intermediate storage for a limited period. Accordingly, responsibility for such third-party information does not devolve on WHO'S WHO. "Links", however, are always references to "living" (dynamic) Internet sites of third parties. When the link was first set up WHO'S WHO  and/or its subsidiaries examined the external content to establish whether it might possibly trigger civil or criminal law proceedings. However, they are not obliged to constantly check the content to which they refer in their own websites for changes which could provide new grounds for liability. Only when they establish, or are informed by others, that a specific product or service to which they have provided a link triggers liability under civil or criminal law will they remove the reference to this product or service, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable. The technical feasibility and reasonableness are not influenced by the fact that even after access from the WHO'S WHO-URL homepage has been prohibited, the illegal or punishable material can be accessed from other servers.
contact our editorial office at: +49-8105-390653 and send an e-mail to info @who.de

This is very different from other WHO is WHO publications, often in book form and in the local language. Can this be today actual and international? The first WHO'S WHO published in 1849 in London and has been imitated again and again because the title is not protectable. By some media  then ridiculed as a Encyclopedia of the Vanities. See the difference!

That’s why millions of people use for their data-recall facilities the www.who-database.com for easy full-text search according to various criteria such as branches, company size or country. With a link to the respective biographies. Or worldwide in the databases of our partners such as Genios (Handelsblatt group), Lexis-Nexis (CNN) or Dialog / Data-Star (Thomson Group).




The existing contents of the WHO'S WHO Internet presentation and of its subsidiaries are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Excepting files specifically offered for downloading (for use without modification), the use of the texts and illustrations, even excerpts from them, without the written consent of WHO'S WHO or its subsidiaries is a violation of the provisions of copyright law and is therefore illegal. This applies particularly to their reproduction, translation or use in electronic systems. Registered brands, trading names, utility models and logos are used in the Internet sites. Even if these are not labelled as such in the Internet site, the appropriate legal stipulations shall apply. Problems: contact us info@who.de

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