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Manager names from YACH.. to YUFE...

Yachov , Fevzi
Yadav , Judit
Yakimov , Boris
Yakovlev Georgivich , Vitaly
Yastine , Barbara A.
Yasuyuki , Otani
Ybáñez , Eloy
Yea , Philip
Yilmaz , Leslihan
Ylä-Autio , Reino Olavi
Yli-Pavola , Juhani
Yoda , Masafumi
Yordanov , Svetoslav
Yorke , Richard
Yotsu , Mikio
You-Hsung Wei , John
Young , David E.
Young , Nigel
Young , Brian
Yuanqing, Yang
Yufera Cerdan , Justo

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