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Manager names from TRY.. to TYRR...

Trümper , Thomas
Trussardi , Beatrice
Trussardi , Francesco (†)
Trütsch , Karl
Trützschler , Klaus
Tschersig , Rainer
Tschuden , Hans
Tschudi , Felix
Tsernysev , Vladimir
Tsuchiya , Sosuke
Tsukamoto , Ryuichi
Tsurumi , Michiaki
Tsuruoka , Hajime
Tucker , Mark
Tuckey , James
Tufari , Bruno
Tugendhat , Christopher Samuel
Tullner , Attila
Tuma , Zdenék
Tupitsin , Sergei P.
Turban , Reiner
Turiaux , Josef
Turmezei , Tibor
Turnauer , Stanislaus
Turnbull , Jeffrey Alan
Turnbull , Kenneth
Turner , Adair
Tutschek , Ernst
Tutte , John F.
Tutton , Merrill
Tvetrås , Dag
Tvrdý , Miroslav
Twaalfhoven , Bert W.M.
Twigger , Terry
Tybring-Gjedde , Harald
Tyo , Alexei Yun-Chenovich
Tyrdal , Harald
Tyrdal , Hardal

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