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Manager names from OPFE.. to OZGU..

Opferkuch , Rainer
Opocensky , Josef
Opp , Manfred
Oppenheimer , Ralph David
Orban , Pierre
Orbán , István
Ordoñez Sainz , Melchor
O'Reilly , Anthony John Francis
Orizet , Gérard
Orlando , Luigi
Orlando , Salvatore
Orlov , Yuri A.
Orlovs , Aleksis
Orlowski , Dariusz
Ormerod , John
Örndahl , Elmer
Orosz , István
Orr , Robert S.
Orsi , Ferruccio Giorgio
Ortega Gaona , Amancio
Ortiz , Vidal
Ortwein , Dieter
Osborne Vazquez , Tomás
Oschmann, Stefan
Osculati , Gianemilio
O'Shea , Stephen R.
Osis , Juris
Ospel , Marcel
Østergaard , Bent
Östling , Leif
Oswald , Gerhard
Osykin , Alexander
Otremba , Heinz
Ötsch , Alfred
Ott , Alex
Otten , Wilhelm
Ottenberg , Carsten
Otterbeck , Lars
Otto , Friedrich
Otto , Heinz-Jürgen
Otto , Jürgen
Otto , Michael
Oudéa , Frédéric
Outón , Frederico
Ouwehand , Hans
Overdiek , Hans
Overgaard , Preben
Øverland , Erling
Overmars , Paul F.M.
Owen, Marc E.
Owen-Jones , Lindsay
Ozaeta Baños de Ebro , Oscar
Özen , Ergun
Ozlsberger , Karl

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