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Manager names from HAAG.. to HALV..

Haake , Dieter
Haan , Arnold L. de
Haan , Roger M. de
Haank , Derk
Haas, Pieter
Haas , Udo
Haas , Herbert K.
Haberl , Fritz
Habersack , Bernd
Haberstroh , Kerstin
Habgood , Anthony John
Habig , Wolfgang
Had , Walter
Hadas-Lebel , Raphaël
Hadermann , Jochen
Hafer , Kurt
Haferkamp , Heinz
Haffert , Albert
Hafner , Gerhard
Hageman , Albertus
Hagemann , Hans Rudolf
Hagemann , Reiner
Hagen , Manfred
Hagens , Eduard
Hagman , Bertil
Hahn , Erwin
Hahn , Dieter
Haider , Hans
Hainer , Herbert
Haines , Christopher
Haji-Ioannou , Stelios
Hakala , Heikki Salomon
Hake, Bernd
Hakelius , Olle
Hakenmüller , Johannes
Hakko , Jeff
Haksteeg , Antonius Adrianus
Halay , Anikó
Halff , Carel
Halfwassen , Heinz
Hall , David J.
Hall , Drummond
Hall , Spencer William
Hall , Magnus
Haller , Heinz
Hallet , J.
Hallman , Åke
Halmesmäki , Matti Veikko Iisakki
Halna du Fretay , Amaury
Halper , Manfred
Haltmeyer , Heinrich
Halvorsen , John Børge
Halvorsen , Fredrik

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