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Manager names from DELR.. to DETE..

Delso Heras , Luis Antonio
Demant , Hans H.
Demarquette , Dominique
Dematte , Claudio
Demel , Herbert
Deml , Wolfgang
Demole , Guy
Den Hollander , Robert
Den Tuinder , Willen
Denert , Ernst
Denis , Jean-Marie Bavo
Denisov , Igor S.
Deniz , F. Javier
Dennison , C.
Dennler , Markus
Denrell , Christer
Denyer , Jonathan
Deotto , Enore
Depaemelaere , Jean-Pierre
De Puyfontaine, Arnauld
Derbyshire , Michael Joseph Christian
Dercks , Willi
Derek , Crook
Dergatchev , Sergei N.
Derichebourg , Daniel
Deripaska , Oleg
Deroy , Jean-François
Derwent , Stuart
Desarmeaux , Paul
Desaulles , Philippe
Descalzi, Claudio
Desch , Alexander P.
Deschamps , Bruno
Descovich , Josef
Desmarest , Thierry Jean Jacques
Despature , Paul Georges
Desseille , Claude
Desseilles , Robert
Detemmerman , Jacques

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